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Zero waste​ on the road

t-shirts-skip-a-straw-save-a-turtle-tee-5_720xYou can get that great T-Shirt here: Wholesome Culture
I love that quote and it fits perfectly with today’s topic: Zero waste is a great thing, but it takes some effort. What about the time you’re in the city, wandering around, craving for a smoothie, or a Starbucks coffee or you don’t have time and need something to go? No problem, we’re all only human. Still, you can reduce plastic waste to its minimum, following these simple tricks below:

  • bring your lunch box. Sure this would be the best solution instead of having to buy something to go. You didn’t have time to prepare something? Just bring your empty lunch box and ask wherever you go if they could fill in the salad or soup (recommend a glass jar for this one) or wraps or whatever you’re having into your lunch box.
  • bring your cutlery. Again if going for something take-away, there will most certainly be plastic cutlery. So bring your own and you already saved a tiny bit of plastic.
  • reusable cups. Starbucks already has that option and so do other companies, just buy one and keep it in your pocket, for whatever craving will be coming up. Also if you cannot go without a straw, check out these reusable straws. You will find those all over the internet to buy.

Tired of carrying half of your kitchen with you? Maybe you work at an office or you have a locker at school. You can always wash all the things you have at the restrooms and leave them at work, so you don’t have to take them home every time. You could even bring a little dish liquid to leave there.

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Sure thing, our world has loads of roadworks to do. Beside avoiding plastic to save our oceans, taking the bike to lower pollution, buying the right food in the right place to save our animals, environment, and farmers, doing yoga to save ourselves and spreading love along the way it gets a bit busy. Now here’s why I want to introduce another project to you, where you can combine fashion (fair trade of course) and helping children and artisans in Bolivia: beyondBeanie!


beyondBeanie is a social fashion brand that combines fashion with solidarity to help change lives. Every time you purchase an item from us, you are empowering an artisan and helping a child in need.

Every time you make a purchase, you are supporting the work of a talented artisan in Bolivia who proudly hand-signs her creation and whom you can meet and greet through the website or even in person if you ever travel to Bolivia.

At the present time, beyondBeanie is collaborating with 23 artisans from El Alto, La Paz, and Cochabamba, who have the privilege of working from home which allows them to earn a living without having to disattend their children and families.

Our focus is to work with the most needed women, usually coming from rural areas and/or disadvantaged communities, who are trained in the art of weaving and knitting by members of the beyondBeanie team.

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Furthermore, every item you buy also helps children in need by providing essentials such as school breakfasts or lunches, school supplies, school uniforms and dental care to children in need.

At the present time and thanks to the support from our fans, we are able to support about 100 children from diverse backgrounds, child centers, and rural communities of rural Cochabamba.

Got interested? go visit beyondBeanie and get 25% off by using the following code: LENK25

Hiking is on!

Summer and fall are the perfect seasons to go hiking! Also hiking is an activity that is very adjustable for personal needs. You can either go for a gentle walk around a lake, or you can run up a mountain, or even do several days of hiking!
Also when walking with friends you have loads of time to catch up, to talk or just spend some quality time together. Whereas going alone also has a very meditative aspect.


Some hiking tips for you:

  • Shoes: Make sure you know about the terrain and bring the right shoes. Running shoes might not be the right choice for a mountain climb. Speaking of shoes, don’t go hiking in new shoes! whenever you got yourself new ones, wear them at home, or for work to get your foot used to them. Otherwise, your hike might end up in pain.
  • Orientation: I might seem old-fashioned, but a compass is never a bad idea! I’ve heard of several people who got lost and GPS-Signal couldn’t reach them anymore.
  • First aid: Never forget a first aid kit
  • Emergency: Maybe write down the most important numbers for an emergency. For Switzerland that would be 117 (police), 118 (fire department), 1414 (Rega) & 144 (general emergency/ambulance).
  • Breakfast: Eat something before the hike! Even though you might not be a breakfast eater, you will soon realize this requires more energy than another work day at the office. Speaking of energy, bring bars, dates or chocolate for whenever you might need a quick kick of energy.
  • Point of no return: Make sure you know for every moment of the hike where you are, where you could go elsewhere, for example as a shortcut or at what point you will walk to the end, instead of turning around and going back. You may consider moor, fallen trees, flood or even snow to occur.
  • Water: make sure you have enough water! You might have to take multiple flasks with you. Also, inform yourself before if you can refill them on fountains. And as our Grand-father used to say: the last sip must be drunk at home.

Also, let me know if you’ve been hiking yet and where and maybe attach a picture for me to publish! 😀

a little hike is what we like
with love

your morning dove


So here is what this is about: strength comes in different shapes and people. Most importantly women are strong as well. And not just ‘strong for a girl’. We are JUSTSTRONG. Now I am very glad to announce, that I have become an ambassador for JustStrongClothing which stands for exactly that. So go out there and show your strength, which does not have to be in a physical way. But if you want to show or improve your physical strength as well, check out JustStrongClothing and get a discount of 10%!

Don’t forget to smile

and see you in a while ❤

Going low waste in Dublin

waste style. I am using low waste because I did not figure out a way yet how to go ZERO waste. however, whenever you can go zero waste, go for it!

First of all, Dublin does not have too many possibilities to shop low waste. They do indeed have loose vegetables and fruits in most of the shops. Still, the amount of plastic-wrapped groceries make me want to cry. So here you can see my groceries I got today:

So great thanks to uncle bens for keeping it without plastic! However, make sure you don’t pick the one with the small bags in it. The rice cakes were not surprisingly but unfortunately wrapped in plastic inside the cardboard box. Same for the chocolate, which was wrapped in aluminum. Back in Switzerland you could go to the Läderach chocolatier and get some unwrapped chocolate, that is completely awesome!

Anyway, I am working on that rice cakes problem. Additionally, you might pay attention to seasonal and regional products. As you can see I did not find any fruits today, as berries are mostly seasonal now, but they were all wrapped. And guys: APPLES COME IN FALL AND WINTER! So stop buying apples now, they are either imported or have been frozen for at least a year! There are some sorts of early apples available now, which are mostly used for cooking. I got some apple juice instead, which is a much more eco-friendly way to preserve the apples. Still little side note here: do not drink too much apple juice and remember it is always better to eat the whole fruit, instead of just drinking the juice. This will make it easier for your belly.

So much to think of! Clearly, you cannot think of all, but you may try your best. You can go after this checklist:

Is it

  1. unpacked?
  2. seasonal?
  3. regional?

As you might see, for the yellow peppers I only agreed on the first two of them. Just try your best.
Anyway, keep your head up, keep your heart strong, spread kindness and see you soon!


Did you ever wonder how much sugar we eat everyday and what it does to our body?

Glucosemolecules speed up the reduction of our natural collagen and elastin. Our skin gets wan and wrinkly. In addition it boosts inflammations (this concerns especially people suffering from acne, rosacea, psoriasis or eczema). Unfortunately many groceries you wouldn’t have thought contain sugar (The Glow Code, Anita Bechloch, 2017). But here’s the good news: damages sugar did to your skin until now can be slowed down and even reversed! And with a little consciousness you’ll realize that there are loads of delicious, sugar free options for your everyday nutrition!

Join me on my journey while I try to resign white sugar until easter. I will be posting several delicious sugar free recipes and share my experiences with you!




The Glow


Deutsche Version weiter unten…

The glow. Last saturday I’ve been on the market. There in the middle of these people selling cherries stood a man and he was literally glowing! Never have I seen such a person before. The skin so even, the eyes so bright, the teeth so white and strong. The interesting thing about this is that that kind of beauty isn’t reached by beauty products, surgery or facial treatments. This is pure healthiness. And that’s where beauty lies.

This it’s not about sick or healthy people. Nobody’s in charge for an illness. But what you can do is listen to your body. Everything that might be disturbing you in some way is just a signal from your body that something’s wrong. Is it a lack of something? Water, Magnesium, Iron? Is it a certain lifestyle? Alcohol, sleep, stress? Or is it an excess of something? Sugar, acids?

So instead of buying expensive cosmetics what about trying to just drink more? Instead of running to the next doctor and telling him about headache, what about trying to watch less TV? The problem in our society is that we are all looking for some kind of a magic pill to magically solve all of our pain and problems. Surprise: There’s no cure for ignorance about your body. Search within yourself for the answer, it’s for free…

want to find out more about the glow? stay tuned…

The glow – das Leuchten. Letzten Samstag war ich auf dem Markt. Dort, inmitten des Trubels stand ein Mann und verkaufte Kirschen. Dieser Mann schien nur so von innen zu strahlen! Noch nie zuvor habe ich so eine Person gesehen! Die Haut so ebenmässig, die Augen so wach und strahlend, die Zähne so weiss und stark. Das Interessante daran ist, dass diese Art von Schönheit nicht erreicht werden kann durch Kosmetik, Operationen oder Gesichtsbehandlungen. Das ist pure Gesundheit und dort liegt die Schönheit.

Es geht hier nicht um gesund oder krank. Niemand kann etwas für eine Krankheit. Aber was du tun kannst ist auf deinen Körper zu hören. Alles was dich in irgend einer Weise stört ist lediglich ein Zeichen deines Körpers, dass etwas nicht stimmt. Ist es ein Mangel? Wasser, Magnesium, Eisen? Ist es dein Lifestyle? Alkohol, Schlaf oder Stress? Oder ist es ein Überschuss von etwas? Zucker, Säuren?

Anstelle teure Kosmetika zu kaufen, wie wärs mit mehr Wasser? Anstelle eines Arztbesuchs aufgrund von Kopfschmerzen, wie wärs mit weniger Fernsehen? Das Problem unserer Gesellschaft ist, dass wir alle eine Zauberpille haben möchten, die unsere Schmerzen und Probleme in Luft auflöst. Überraschung: Es gibt keine Heilung für Ignoranz gegenüber deinem Körper. Such in dir selbst nach der Antwort – das ist noch gratis dazu…

möchtest du mehr über den Glow wissen? bleib auf dem Laufenden…