Go for that extra mile


Walking or running is a great way to keep your body going and your mind clear. So maybe you want to do something about your physical activity or even extend your run? Don’t be afraid to try!
So I’ve never been a good runner and some years ago I had a circulatory collapse, finding myself almost at the beginning again. So I want to share with you some tips all through my journey, you can just skip to whatever level suits you!

1. Get started

So after that collapse I had to rest for a couple of weeks before I could start ‘running’ again. I found myself unable to run for longer than 5 minutes, so I figured I had to get there in a different way. That’s how I came across this technique:

You would run in intervals. Your goal is to run or walk your distance without stopping. So you can choose your own distance! So this is what you do, again you can set in on whatever point you think you are!

  • walk the distance
  • once you can walk the distance, try to jog for 30 seconds and then walk again until you feel like you could do another jog for 30 seconds.

So you can customize the distance, the amount of jogging intervals and by the time you did that exercise easily, you start to expand the jogging intervals, each time by 30 seconds. If you stick to it, you will suddenly find yourself running the whole distance! Remember speed doesn’t matter, and neither do other people’s thoughts.

2. Keep going

So either you already came an impressive way from the previous step or you already do some running. Do you have a certain loop you keep doing? Try another one! It does not have to be longer, just celebrate some change. In order not to get lost or too exhausted, look up the route before, so you know where to go.

3. Improve

So now you are a trained runner and you want to improve something. Chose your goal below:

  1. Run further: Alright you want to run further? I achieved this goal by going back to the basics I explained earlier (get started). So I would run the distance I usually do, because I know I can run so far. After that I would keep running and eventually slow down or even walk after a certain time, until I feel like I can run again. Again your goal is to just keep walking or running, don’t stop is the only goal at this point. You will then be able step by step the running intervals and find yourself running the whole new distance! Perfect for this project are parks where you run loops. So you can decide after every loop whether you want to go for another one or leave it there for the day. Again if you don’t go for loops in the park, check your route before!
  2. Run faster: This is more complex, but one thing you need to know is that you need stronger legs to push you faster. So by training the muscles used while running you will get faster. Best thing to do this is for example running up a steep hill and jogging back down. Do this on repeat. Also HIIT will help you improving your speed. Know one thing, at a certain point, running the same route over and over again this will not make you faster anymore.

So these tips are of my own experience. I told you I was never a good runner and I had to start from 0. Most importantly, it should be fun. Don’t force yourself to go for a run if you don’t enjoy it! More challenges are coming up if this one does not suit you! Stay tuned.

Also I’m not a professional. These are no expert advices, find what suits your body best or maybe even find you own way!

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