New horizon


So this is a yoga challenge.
Again there are two different levels, pick the one that suits you!

  1. Try to do more Yoga: So you really want to start doing something for yourself more often? Try Yoga! What about this, try to do Yoga once a week and see what it does to you. Then try to do it twice a week and feel the benefits of that! As a beginner I would recommend to have a professional by your side. There are students discounts or University Sports facilities that offer Yoga too. Just to make sure you don’t hurt yourself. Once you got the spin of it you can take advantage of Youtube Yoga channels, but maybe by then you already fell for the studios 😉
  2. Try something new: When was the last time, you did something for the first time? Why not trying a new, challenging Yoga pose? Remember, challenge is what’s difficult for you, not for others. Maybe try to get more flexible in a particular part of you body, or you want to learn a new headstand or some other fancy poses. So just try to include them into your practice. But keep in mind, Yoga is for your mind too, so feel the benefits of a new pose and the feeling of eventually mastering it.

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