Bananabread (vegan)

First cravings for something sweet? Or your bananas turned brown within the last few days? Or even no need for reasons to make a banana bread? First of all I do not often buy bananas, because for the sake of our environment I try to focus on local food. Still every now and then we have bananas at home and this time they turned brown. In addition the bananas in the supermarket nearby were on sale. Since I used to work in a smoothie and juice bar I know, that all of them which were still left at the end of the day end up in the compost. So I felt like this time it was justified to make a banana bread 😉 for the sake of anti food waste.

The long and short of it: here comes my very own recipe.

  • 4 bananas
  • 50g walnuts
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 tbs cinnamon
  • 100g flour
  • water
  • butter (vegan: coconutoil)

Turn on the oven, 180° C air circulation. Peel the bananas and scrunch them with a fork. Then mix the flour, cinnamon and vanilla and add the mixture to the bananas. Add as much water until you get a creamy consistence and add the walnuts. Grease the cake pan with the butter and pour in the dough. Put it into the oven for at least 30 min check every now and then.

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Halloween Beauty

Deutsche Version weiter unten…

31st of october and HALLOWEEN! Most beautyblogger may NOW be posting their spooky make up and nail-design videos 😀 I’m neither a make up artist nor a nail-expert. But I’ve got something else: after carving your pumpkins you may have a lot of pumpkin left which you can eat! And here comes why you really should eat pumpkin 😉

In fact eating pumpkin can do wonders to your skin.

It can

  • improve skin tone and elasticity
  • reverse UV damage
  • improve skin texture
  • fight acne
  • promote skin renewal

These are the benefits by eating it! Other uses may follow soon 😉
Until then: Happy Halloween!

Source: Wellness today

Pumpkin carved by myself 😀


31. Oktober und HALLOWEEN! Die meisten Beautyblogger posten JETZT ihre gruseligen Make-up und Nagel-Design videos 😀 Ich bin jedoch weder eine Maskenbildnerin, noch eine Nagel-Designerin. Aber ich hab etwas anderes für euch: Nachdem ihr nun eure Kürbisse ausgehöhlt und geschnitzt habt, werdet ihr bestimmt viel Fruchtfleisch übrig haben, welches man noch essen kann. Nun folgt die Begründung, weshalb ihr es sogar essen solltet!

Es hat den Anschein, als ob Kürbis bei Haut wahre Wunder bewirken kann:

Es kann:

  • die Hautelastizität fördern
  • UV bedingte Schäden reparieren
  • Hautstruktur verbessern
  • Akne bekämpfen
  • die Hauterneuerung begünstigen

Das sind alles Vorzüge des Kürbis-Essens. Weitere Anwendungsmöglichkeiten folgen bald 😉
Bis dahin: Fröhliches Halloween!

Quelle: Wellness today

Chia Seeds in my breakfast bowl

Today I’ve got a new post to my beautyfood series. Today it’s all about chia seeds. Instead of rewriting what millions of others already have I decided to just share this amazing post with you, I just found. Enjoy 😀


Chia Seeds in my breakfast bowl 😀



Possum-Special: Chia Samen —

Während meines Kurzurlaubs in Salzburg entdeckte jemand seine Vorliebe für Chia-Samen. Er wusste nicht so genau, was das eigentlich für Zeug ist und was es so macht, aber gefallen hat es ihm wohl, denn nach seinem Chia-Mangosaft im “Heart of Joy” zog er sich gleich noch ein Chia-Kokoswasser rein. Da ich ihm spontan keine zufriedenstellende Auskunft […]

über Possum-Special: Chia Samen —