No sugar Sunday brunch

Here comes another recipe for banana pancakes (out of the rest of the saved bananas, see previous post). This recipe was inspired by  the vegan pancakes out of the book Clean Eating Starter. It is highly recommendable, since it contains loads of delicious recipes which are mostly without sugar. My only critic are once again the many non-regional ingredients (all seen from switzerland).

Anyhow here comes my recipe:

  • 1 egg
  • 100g oatmeal
  • 100g flour
  • 3 bananas
  • cinnamon as much as wanted
  • coconut oil

First scrunch the bananas with a fork. Then add the egg, the oatmeal and the flour and mix it. Also add as much water as needed until you get a creamy consistence (though it shouldn’t be too fluid, a little less than for the banana bread). Then heat the coconut oil and roast gently on medium heat. If your dough is too fluid, just add more oatmeal.

Serve with peanut putter, maple sirup or fruits!

For a whole brunch we also had the chia musli and bread (or croissants, up to you). You can eat the bread with butter or honey instead of jam.

Note: as a vegan variation this recipe also works without the egg. For the original recipe (there is a vegan variation and one with eggs too), check out Clean Eating Starter by Julia Fodor and Luisa Eckhard.

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Chia Seeds in my breakfast bowl

Today I’ve got a new post to my beautyfood series. Today it’s all about chia seeds. Instead of rewriting what millions of others already have I decided to just share this amazing post with you, I just found. Enjoy 😀


Chia Seeds in my breakfast bowl 😀



Possum-Special: Chia Samen —

Während meines Kurzurlaubs in Salzburg entdeckte jemand seine Vorliebe für Chia-Samen. Er wusste nicht so genau, was das eigentlich für Zeug ist und was es so macht, aber gefallen hat es ihm wohl, denn nach seinem Chia-Mangosaft im “Heart of Joy” zog er sich gleich noch ein Chia-Kokoswasser rein. Da ich ihm spontan keine zufriedenstellende Auskunft […]

über Possum-Special: Chia Samen —