Hiking is on!

Summer and fall are the perfect seasons to go hiking! Also hiking is an activity that is very adjustable for personal needs. You can either go for a gentle walk around a lake, or you can run up a mountain, or even do several days of hiking!
Also when walking with friends you have loads of time to catch up, to talk or just spend some quality time together. Whereas going alone also has a very meditative aspect.


Some hiking tips for you:

  • Shoes: Make sure you know about the terrain and bring the right shoes. Running shoes might not be the right choice for a mountain climb. Speaking of shoes, don’t go hiking in new shoes! whenever you got yourself new ones, wear them at home, or for work to get your foot used to them. Otherwise, your hike might end up in pain.
  • Orientation: I might seem old-fashioned, but a compass is never a bad idea! I’ve heard of several people who got lost and GPS-Signal couldn’t reach them anymore.
  • First aid: Never forget a first aid kit
  • Emergency: Maybe write down the most important numbers for an emergency. For Switzerland that would be 117 (police), 118 (fire department), 1414 (Rega) & 144 (general emergency/ambulance).
  • Breakfast: Eat something before the hike! Even though you might not be a breakfast eater, you will soon realize this requires more energy than another work day at the office. Speaking of energy, bring bars, dates or chocolate for whenever you might need a quick kick of energy.
  • Point of no return: Make sure you know for every moment of the hike where you are, where you could go elsewhere, for example as a shortcut or at what point you will walk to the end, instead of turning around and going back. You may consider moor, fallen trees, flood or even snow to occur.
  • Water: make sure you have enough water! You might have to take multiple flasks with you. Also, inform yourself before if you can refill them on fountains. And as our Grand-father used to say: the last sip must be drunk at home.

Also, let me know if you’ve been hiking yet and where and maybe attach a picture for me to publish! 😀

a little hike is what we like
with love

your morning dove