Let it go

New moon is at the door. It is always the perfect opportunity to get rid of toxic thoughts, habits and ideas. When I try to let go of something I often do the following exercise:

Imagine the person, life or place you have to say goodbye to being on the shore to a great ocean. You are standing on a boat, leaving the shore. Imagine yourself turning back to the shore and waving goodbye. You leave all negative thoughts behind at the shore. You smile. Not in malicious joy, but in true and honest satisfaction. You know everything is the way it has to be. You are thankful for everything you have experienced on that shore, but you are willing to say goodbye now. You turn around to the ocean. It is the great and open sea. Your boat is save and stable and you feel comfortable. It will bring you to new islands and places, where many new and exciting things await you.


Repeat this exercise as many times as you want or need. Letting go is a slow process. It is a practice we all have to learn over and over again. Give yourself time.